Lakota Nation Offers Original Art To Support Struggle

hqdefault                     by Hank McGrath

Recently, VOP-FreedomMedia featured “Lakota Nation Speaks” with Canupa Gluha Mani from the Free  and Independent Lakota Nation – StrongHeart Warrior Society along with special guest Prohebits Quasho and guests… Please tap the “Lakota Nation Speaks” link to listen as you read this article – getting the full effect of our media presentation. Canupa Gluha Mani knows all too well the plight of the Native American today – the struggle for freedom begins the moment they awake and is never ending in their dreams…the spirit of true freedom is generational. .   indexelement51duane-martin-sr

Having been raised by the likes of Russell Means (his adopted uncle) and imprisoned with brothers like Leonard Peltier (who has still not been pardoned) , Canupa travels the U.S. and abroad with the Strong Heart Warrior Society in an awareness campaign to educate the public as to the genocide and suffering of the Native American and the abuse of their elders as seen in the Lakota Elders Truth Tour to the U.N. in 2013.

They are not listened to in Washington,DC because the government is playing a waiting game…waiting for the affects of the disease of cultural genocide to kick in…It is a very smart but cruel way for governments to weaken the inner power of cultures with oppression and eventually wipe out nations. Life expectancy for the Native American today – in modern time – is 52 years of age! To give a short view on their way of life today watch this video that better explains Pine Ridge.


This struggle to educate the public, seek help in empowering the Native American and to fight for freedom of all indigenous people costs money…Money they do not have except by donations from friends and supporters across the nation and through purchasing of genuine pieces of art created by Canupa and the Lakota Nation. We are talking about ORIGINALS – Especially from a famed Lakota Spokesperson and Warrior today – Canupa Gluha Mani! Tap on any of these to see a larger view of this great original art pieces. 0223141642a0226140703 02231416400127141048 Of course, Canupa may also create a custom design. Call him to discuss the work and he would create that original piece for you that will last a lifetime…while you would be honored to know you helped the Lakota Voice for freedom! Give Canupa a personal call of support! You are welcome to offer friendship and any ideas you would like to put into affect to help support the Lakota Nation!

Call Canupa at (605) 517-1547

Contributions can be sent to: Canupa Gluha Mani, P.O. Box 512, Hill City S.D. 57745   Listen to Canupa here as they present songs of the Strong Heart!

Like the page of the Strong Heart Warrior Society on Facebook.

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