Local Biker Rights Supporter Seeks Freedom To Ride


Long-time biker rights advocate, motorcycle club supporter and local race car driver, Don Warner of Don’s Towing & Recovery, 330 S. Main St., Gloversville, NY, was recently diagnosed with late term, non-alcohol cirrhosis of the liver disease…a serious and incurable ailment which now has his days numbered. But, that is not his only problem. His dream to travel the US on motorcycle before he dies suffers a serious set back.
For most of the year, Don has been attempting to track down the title to a 2003 Harley Davidson 100 Yr. Anniversary Classic Electro Glide motorcycle he legitimately  purchased (with receipt and affidavit of witness to sale) from a Gloversville resident, Billy Porter, who was to return moments later with the title. Instead, Billy disappeared with the cash, never returned and was found to have left the area under mitigating circumstances – without any way to make contact.

Meanwhile, all attempts to legitimize the motorcycle with NY DMV have suffered roadblocks because of the necessity for the title and the State’s strict regulations on motorcycle sales…and as each day passes Don’s illness threatens his very survival.

Weeks ago, according to reports, Don Warner and Joy VanNostrand had a meeting with Billy’s brother, Duane Porter, who traveled all the way from North Carolina to meet with Don. He was informed of the legitimate sale and purchase and stated he, personally, had the title at his home and voluntarily stated he would forward it to Don immediately so he could fulfill his dream for cross country before he dies…But, both Don and Joy say Duane does not answer their calls or contact and has not responded to them on Facebook where he has a page.
“It is kind of odd. Duane was a gentleman and quite believable.
We are used to folks being honest who are in the biker culture and Duane certainly rides. We have been unable to make contact with him nor has he sent us the title as he promised”, Joy VanNostrand said.

Don has contacted the American Biker Culture Center and B.A.D.{Bikers Against Discrimination} to assist him in attempting to resolve this situation. They have begun an immediate investigation.

“I have worked with bikers my whole life, openly support 1%ER clubs and local club events for years. I always possessed this dream, shared by my brother, Roy, before he died. I know I have weeks, maybe months to live. I just want to ride before I leave this earth”, Don stated.
Roy Warner died on his harley in a fiery crash several years ago after leaving a local biker event, hit sand in the road at high speed and lost control, sliding under a pick up truck and bursting in flames…His funeral was honorably attended by numerous local biker clubs and motorcyclists whom he shared the road with throughout the years.

The Heritage Voice has enlisted an investigative reporter to look into this matter in hopes to reach Duane Porter and to assist Don Warner in this case.
If you have any information that may assist us in resolving this matter or would like to speak with Don please feel free to call him at (518) 857-0019 or Hank McGrath at (518) 844-4894.

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