Who will be the next Arsenal of Freedom

by Brock Peterman, March 10,2014 PatriotActionNetwork {Reprinted}

Munitie-Luchtvaart-768x1024Arsenal of Freedom

The United States used to be the “Arsenal of Freedom”, but under the present regime the best they can muster are loan guarantees for only a trifling billion dollars.  With Russia’s naked aggression this is a great time for someone to step in and fill the orders of countries in the market for improving their defenses.


Potential Customers:










Ukraine (What isn’t under Russian rule.)

Items of interest:

30 – Tactical Nukes (Either aircraft delivered or missile.)

Combat Aircraft (Multi-role with an emphasis on air superiority.)

Artillery & Ammunition (Both tube and rocket types, preferably in quantity.)

Drones (All kinds)

Tanks (Likely defense strategies will require numerous low cost vehicles.)

Vehicles (Armored and transports)

Anti-Tank weapons (Infantry types and vehicle mounted.)

Night vision equipment (Infantry types and vehicle mounted.)

Small Arms & Ammunition (Quantities of all types, especially heavy machine guns.)

Body Armor

Which country or corporation will step in and fill their needs?  Business should be booming in the arms industry (Pun intended).  If I were in charge of Israel or even Germany it’s a great time to corner the market.

The countries interested should sign alliances immediately to help preserve their sovereignty.

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