KKK Wants Privilege Because They Are Inferior By Choice?

{This is a 5-Part Series on KKK in the Fulton County ,NY and afar in answer to the recent Leader Herald coverage this past week on said group. Our approach will be much different with no one hiding their identity and solid information and education to dispel the hype rather than give credence to hate and disharmony.
Our series begins with Rev. Henry McGrath, a Fulton County resident, civil rights advocate and social justice activist for over thirty years}
Written by Padriac Banish McGuire


In August, 2017, during the public’s fight in neighborhoods against the heroin and opioid epidemic through the Gloversville, NY group, NeigthborhoodsAgainstDrugs, Rev. Henry McGrath, the director of NAD, sat on his porch on Allen St. at about 11:30 pm writing notes to present at the next meeting with Gloversville City Council. Suddenly a white vehicle drove past slowly with the driver and the passenger throwing small baggies out in front of each property…Practically in slow motion the Reverend watched and recognized the occupant in the passenger seat as she threw the package out to land in front of his house. As they drove down the hill doing the same at other properties, he got up, picked up the package  which revealed a baggy partially filled with cat dirt and a KKK flyer on it stating if you wanted to fight drugs in your neighborhood join them. The pkg. seemed to mock NAD and its program.
Immediately other residents and members of NAD came out, called the Gloversville PD and upon arrival the Reverend identified the passenger as an individual who was involved in providing a local “drug house” operation to flourish in the neighborhood as also witnessed by others and the police officer began picking up the packages on Allen Street. NAD volunteers also went through various streets picking up the packages and discarding them as trash for several hours. Still, by morning, the news media picked up on the story and gave it a new spin…as though the KKK was growing and flourishing in the area because of past incidents in and around the Fulton County area with KKK posts…which literally gave credence and “props” to the local existence of KKK.
“They did not put in their article that the participants were positively identified as local illegal drug sale participants in Gloversville nor that the group was intentionally attacking NeighborhoodsAgainstDrugs as a way to discredit their work.
Just a half hour later that night a number of NAD members witnessed the same vehicle drive up to a known local drug house where the drug house owner got out of the car to get more cat dirt from their house and then they went back on the road to deliver the packages. Matter of fact, the same drug house owners daughter debated with me several days later saying “if you want to get the drugs out of the area get rid of the blacks in Gloversville. They are the ones bringing it in and selling it” to which I warned them to discontinue their racist and illogical campaign and to, instead, turn in their dealers of heroin in our neighborhoods”, Reverend McGrath stated.
“The day after the late night racist intending trash-drops, the local police stated they could not act against anyone in particular because it is free speech. The truth of the story told here, in my opinion, was left unreported by local press because it did not fit their agenda for a good story. Matter of fact, they didnt even cover any positive activity of NeighborhoodsAgainstDrugs shutting down local drug houses and empowering the public at that time even though other neighboring media sources did. It was VERY CLEAR that the message in the packages was about joining them to stop drugs, it was during the period in which NAD was actively shutting down drug houses and a primary participant in the drops was an known drug house provider. This wasn’t about the KKK. It was a group of disheveled, disturbed, drug induced residents attempting to piggyback on a serious public issue while attempting to discredit NAD “, Rev. McGrath said.

Could it also be that the secret, in-hiding members, afraid to show their faces alleged local KKK members want PRIVILEGE over other races and fellow human beings?
What is “PRIVILEGE”?  A good explanation can be found here by watching this video at Woke Folks on Face Book.

Two questions that also come to mind on the issue of our segment are why such a group as the KKK would attempt to get a foothold in the Fulton County area and are they really a “white power” group or simply confused human beings feeling inferior and in mental turmoil about who they really are and what they are made of as human beings? Black-and-white-mask

Part-2 of our segment will cover the KKK and the Irish as as well as the question: Are they really a “white power” group…and the scientifically proven presentation of genetics and blood that will not only open the readers eyes but also the eyes of these folks living in the shadows unable to experience balance and identification to what they, as human beings, are made of…

An example is the revelation of a white supremacist on the Trisha Show…

And the funny skit by Dave Chapelle who is blind and doesn’t realize he is black.





*LEGAL NOTICE: The information herein and within articles are a product of investigative reporting and journalism and are also offered by witnesses claims, many of who may remain anonymous and are protected under NYS confidentiality laws and NYS Civil Rights Law CVR 79-h. Parties un named are protected as being un named or unidentified and therefore ONLY THE PARTY who knows that to be themselves would know that to be themselves, spared of any accusation or direct and potentially false accusation to be construed libelous or slanderous. Another portion of the research is historical research and other information provided on the issue for public edifice and are covered under the NYS Fair Reporting Privilege , as well as the NYS and US Constitution, First Amendment.  The Heritage Voice is not responsible for alleged incorrect historical information or references of other sites and data provided from other locations on the issues being covered and the reporting is in good faith as to being correct based upon said research available and information provided at time of article production. If any information is found and reasonably proven to be absolutely incorrect The Heritage Voice shall print a redaction or correction.

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