Fulton County Fall Festival Organizer Is Recognized With Award

Alex Kovarovic, a native of Fulton County and an organizer of the 2017 Fulton County Fall Festival to be held Friday, October 13 from 2pm to 8pm at the Gloversville Senior Citizen Center, has been recognized by NeighborhoodsAgainstDrugs, for his unselfish and inspiring volunteerism which strengthens the heart and spirit of the downtrodden and unfortunate.

Mr. Kovarovic is a volunteer firefighter for the Rotterdam Fire Department, founder and director of the One Life Organization, a crisis counselor at Crisis Text Line and is a Peace Counselor with Neighborhoods Against Drugs.
He also manages Capital Region Music and Arts School and is editor of Capital Region NY News on Facebook.
“We are honored that someone so unselfishly involved in curing the hardships of others has become an active member and supporter of NAD”, Rev. Hank McGrath stated.

The NAD recognition award highlights the devotion and dedication Alex gives to those suffering in our communities through peaceful support and resolve, assistance and referrals to those in need and the development of resources which serve those in need. AlexAward-page-001

NeighborhoodsAgainstDrugs is a unique NYS social action and empowerment group located in Fulton and Schenectady Counties, which fights against the heroin and opioid epidemic through public education and involvement in the eradication of opioids from our communities. The training of volunteers include addiction referrals and NYS OASAS information. Mr. Kovarovic is a volunteer and Honorary Member of NAD partnering through the One Life Organization.
One Life Organization, the heart and soul of Mr. Kovarovic’s social empowerment ambition, serves families, children and youth through educational and creative  classes, workshops and support groups on topics such as bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, home fire safety, self esteem and parenting, music and art and a host of other
informative topics which inspire personal strength and growth to families in our communities.
“We, in NeighborhoodsAgainstDrugs, encourage the community to take the time to recognize those who actually make a difference in the lives of others through hard work and POSITIVE ACTION. An example is the organizing of the first Fulton County Fall Festival which will bring the communities in Fulton County and afar together for wholesome family fun and enjoyment – Certainly a much needed affair in a hard economically depressed area”, Rev. McGrath, executive director of NAD stated.

Quoting the event posting on Facebook:
FREE ADMISSION!! Join us on October 13th in Gloversville, NY from 2-8pm for the first annual Fulton County Fall Festival. We will have dozens of arts and crafters, over 60 vendors, hot chocolate, food vendors, games, a pumpkin painting contest, a Halloween gingerbread house contest, over 40 raffles, and lots more! We will also have a beautiful Halloween decorations show with lights in the evening as well as trick or treating at 7pm and a costume parade at around 7pm. Admission to the event is free!
Money raised on this day will be donated to Madison Oechler and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Kids. AlexMadisonpic
Madison is a teenage girl from Broadalbin-Perth who was in a serious car accident in June and has been in the hospital since. Madison’s family has large amounts of hospital bills to pay for her care.
missingandexploitedThe National Center for Missing and Exploited Kids 
works hard each and every day to help kids that are missing across the country as well as kids that are being trafficked by criminals.
The One Life Organization always sends a donation to NCMEC because of their amazing work! 


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