Local Cat Woman Gets NAD Award

Michelle Lautman, President and Founder of the Cat Sanctuary and Information Center in Gloversville, NY received a Peace Counselor Award from NeighborhoodsAgainstDrugs in Gloversville for her undying dedication to the promotion and support of NAD on social media and throughout the community.
Rev. Henry McGrath, Exec. Director of NAD, presented the award to Michelle on behalf of NeighborhoodsAgainstDrugs during his blessing and announcement at the Psychic Fair in The Bridge Walk at the Perthshire of Amsterdam, NY on Sunday.
“It is rare when we have a member of the public, busy with their own mission and important projects, to take the time to re-post, advertise, spread the word and generally promote the projects and public announcements of NAD. It is important that we spread the word and keep the community informed on the Heroin and Opioid Epidemic. Ms. Lautman has been essential to us and we applaud her efforts”, Rev. McGrath stated.
The Cat Sanctuary, seen here in a fundraising event, is a special project that gives quality of life to the homeless and unloved stray and feral cats in the community.
Using the power of love and the wit of intelligence, Michelle Lautman works tirelessly to serve the needs of these helpless, yet, adorable creatures…living beings harmed by the ill compassion of human beings, left to fend for themselves against predators, human error and cruelty, disease and pure disadvantages to survive…

There are a number of opportunities by which VOLUNTEERS can get involved and make a difference in these little critters lives. You can give support on Facebook, help run events and cool fundraisers, foster an innocent and trusting feline or even drive to transport…”We would love to have you and they would love you, too”, said Michelle Lautman. Just call 518-705-1722.   Friends, volunteers and supporters of their good work at the sanctuary can also send a tax deductible donation to help the little ones to: The Cat Sactuary and Information Center, PO Box 344, Gloversville, NY 12078. You can also DONATE HERE…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The Psychic Fair, held at the Bridge Walk at the Perthshire, was organized by Psychic Autumn, who also sponsors a support raffle for The Cat Sanctuary .
With a room full of energy healers and positive creative 
visionaries, the public is able to balance their beings while also supporting the cause for healing the lost and stray creatures finding refuge at the sanctuary. Its a Win-Win.
To learn more about Psychic Fairs in your area or to arrange a reading or even a Psychic PRIVATE PARTY  – Contact
Psychic Autumn at:
518-209-6486 or on Face Book.

You can also visit her site and contact her there at:



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