FreedomRally Urges Local & State Laws Against Drug Dealers

On August 17th at 6pm residents of Second Street, Gloversville and members of NeighborhoodsAgainstDrugs, will host a FreedomRally with neighboring residents at Wohlfraths Pond as a voice against illegal and dangerous drug activity in their neighborhood. There will be refreshments and speakers on hand to empower the neighboring public during the FreedomRally.

Jamie Vanskiver, an Ambassador of NAD and long term resident of Second Street, is an avid believer in actively keeping her neighborhood safe. “We have children, elderly, families who deserve the freedom to come out of their houses and be safe without drug dealers endangering their well being. I have filmed, recorded and called the police because of the high drug traffic in our neighborhood and I encourage my neighbors to join in to make the dealers uncomfortable and leave, instead of the hardworking taxpayer feeling uncomfortable and forced to leave. I am not going ANYWHERE! The dealers are leaving”, she said.
The Second Street NAD Group appointed Amanda French as secretary, Janice Ryan-Faliveno as Facilitator and Jamie Vanskiver as Ambassador of NAD on Second Street covering a three to four block radius at their recent meeting with the NAD Director.

Rev. Henry McGrath, Director of NeighborhoodsAgainstDrugs and a featured speaker at the FreedomRally, has reached out to Senator Jim Tedisco for the passage of a bill similar to California’s Drug Dealer Liability Act for the State of New York. This act allows citizens and residents of drug infested neighborhoods,victims of family members who overdosed and even addicts the legal right to sue a drug dealer as a result of their harmful trade. He also seeks to encourage the Common Council to amend the present City of Gloversville nuisance code, Chapter  213 Property and Building Nuisance Abatement as similar to what exists in the City of Schenectady nuisance code, Chapter 167: Housing Standards, Article XI: Drug Related Nuisances – which would allow the municipal government and law enforcement to be more aggressive towards homeowners condoning drug activity, drug activity as a nuisance and more power in property condemnation, closure and fines…against property owners and local drug dealers.
Rev. McGrath and Second St. NAD members will present that proposal  to the Common Council at their August 22nd meeting.

NeighborhoodsAgainstDrugs was established in Gloversville, NY after repetitive Heroin overdoses in the city and the death of Audra Richardson. The group seeks to train the public to be more active in their reports to law enforcement and more aware in recognition of addictive behavior and encouragement for referrals of addicts who may be friends or a family member – All of which would save lives.



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