Judge Pirro Believes President Obama Has Committed Breach of Contract

In our Sunday article entitled: “Fables of Barack Hussein Obama Exposed – Americans Should Be Ashamed”
https://theheritagevoice.wordpress.com/2014/03/09/fables-of-barack-hussein-obama-exposed-americans-should-be-ashamed/ the actual prefabrication and lies told by Obama to get himself elected was studied before you by Glenn Beck…Easy enough.

NOW, Judge Jeanine Pirro offers another approach with the very same results but on more information relating to what Obama said and what has actually been happening – You Know, “REALITY”. Watch her report here:

Keep in mind – we here at The Heritage Voice do not participate in any political party or support any particular political party – These news bits are based upon our interest in “rights” and it is firmly believed that the corruption and unethical behavior by the present government and President of the United States has eroded the quality of our rights, has made a mockery of civil rights and constitutional rights and has threatened the livelihood and freedom of all United States citizens. That is not political – that is truth.

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