Conn. Cops Split Over Whether To Enhance Their Mental Illness And Become Terrorists Or Respect The Constitution

According to numerous news reports, law enforcement in Connecticut are mulling over whether they will act against the citizens if Governor orders them to do so over “gun control” or will they adhere to the principles of the US Constitution…

Fact is, this situation clearly shows what I have stated for years…when a police officer or law enforcement personnel begin to THINK they represent the interests of government and corporations FIRST above and beyond the safety of the citizen (which includes their protection of the citizens rights) a criminal type conspiracy begins to stir in the brain, a mental illness…that is more dangerous than the culprits actions at Sandy Hook.
You end up walking around with a sense of power greater than a human body can maintain…and you are armed…and your mind begins to believe your choice that the citizen is wrong and the corporate government that seeks to control the masses is right…and that you are empowered by the corporate government to hold the masses down by denying them rights ONLY YOU as law enforcement believe you retain by the grace of the corporate government…YOU BECOME INSANE!  This factor is in hundreds of psychological reports on police across the country…A human being cannot be allowed to think there is no stopping them and they have complete control over everyone they are allegedly sworn to “protect and serve”…because their bosses say they do…There is no self thinking there…you become a machine of destruction…aiding and abetting the corporate government in the erosion of citizen’s civil, constitutional and human rights! That quality of individual in law enforcement is the same as the terrorists who allegedly serve Allah’s interests to kill the infidels.

View this recent news report and interview with a Conn. police Officer…CT Cop to Gun Owning Patriot: “I Cannot Wait to Get the Order to …

Guns WILL BE Confiscated in Spring 2014

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