Are US Voters Fools – Today’s Government Rigged To CONTROL The Masses

by Hank McGrath


“It is the Responsibility of every citizen to Question Authority” .  Ben Franklin 

YOU DECIDE…Is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results insanity?

Can you imagine – 1000’s of intelligent Americans across the country are actually deciding who they are going to vote for to replace those presently in the White House…Hard to imagine, for me anyways. I learned early in life ” once burned shame on them, twice burned shame on me.” Although there are many who will tell you that to NOT VOTE is “unamerican”, an essential part of freedom and liberty is the decision to NOT PARTICIPATE and not be complicit with a government process that repeatedly fails…
It is the structure of government that allows for power bases to embed itself into it – thereby enhancing and enticing corruption opportunities. That being so, it simply does not matter who you put into government today because, for the sake of their own livelihood and power-based survival, those in office will continue the traditions laid before them once they walk up those white marble steps into office…
If they do not they will be ostracized and lose power.

Ya see, its a different show up there than you, Joe citizen, thinks it is. The hype you hear during campaigns is simply rhetoric – whether seemingly well intended or not. Everything is about sales and marketing for your support.

Of course, the quality of the citizen is as such that they are more prone to the salesmanship techniques and “American Idol” props that their support favors the candidate who will be the best ACTOR and entertainer in the White House – Cause that is entertainment for the masses. They do not really understand the importance of government nor the issues that may affect the next generation and so on. It is a “me and me” society, for the most part…”You get what your hand calls for”, I always heard throughout life. It is why I am not prone to vote…why would I want to participate in a crime or in conspiracies to commit crimes – especially when I do not benefit. To say today that the President is crooked and the Congress is corrupt – I CAN SAY THAT BECAUSE I DID NOT VOTE! The common citizen and voter who wanted to involve themselves in “mental masturbation” and voted for these folks…well, you are just as guilty as they are for their deeds. They could not have done it without your own criminal intent and complicity to benefit financially from your vote. That is, in itself, a crime!

So, for those more awake…give this some thought…watch and listen…take heed – THE GREATEST FORM OF GOVERNMENT IS THE FAMILY SYSTEM. Not the US Government…or any other government. If things don’t fit your family then they are not real and you should not participate in the broken process – especially in Washington DC. If a house is all broken do you decide to vote in bureaucrats in town government to fix the house? Or do you get contractors and supplies and equipment and repair the house? You see, one approach is trained to believe the bureaucrats and government will take care of you (the regular voters) and the other quality is those who are independent and fix the problems straight up…

Republicans and Democrats are the same!!! Two opposing programs in the same system!!!!

Counterfeit Conservatives | We Won’t Be Fooled Again | Gregg Jackson



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