Citizen Outlaws – WELCOME HOME!


                          by Hammerin Hank McGrath

The citizens who feel and believe their government is tyrannical and untrustworthy, the citizens who have, by the millions, become aware that the Constitution is under attack and their civil and constitutional rights that guarantee their liberty and freedom are being destroyed by this government..who have decided to stand their ground – WELCOME…YOU HAVE JUST JOINED RANKS WITH THOSE YOU WERE MADE TO BELIEVE ARE BAD PEOPLE LIKE BIKERS AND REDNECKS AND DISGRUNTLED VETERANS!  YOU ARE NOW AN OUTLAW!
AP-Photo-capitol-policeProtests anywhere secret service deems “off limits” is NOW outlawed…What will it take for you to understand? (tap pic).

Now you can actually begin to see and feel what those folks HAVE BEEN FEELING…It is about time we all come together and fight the power.  If you plan on doing this with proposing a candidate for Senate or Congress – dont waste your time. It is the MACHINE that has to be stopped!

New strategy, new moves…think…and, again, WELCOME HOME!
Now, watch this message from Wild Bill For America and get your head straight…

                               “GOING OUTLAW!”



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