Egyptian Doctor Files Terrorism Charges Against Obama’s Brother


Again, the media in U.S. fail to cover international news that is valuable to the United States citizen’s edifice…on any story which pertains to the questionable “secrecy” activities of the present U.S. government administration in foreign affairs.

We had covered news bits which proved that the present administration had granted Malik Obama non profit status here in the US for a foreign organization with proven ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a listed terrorist organization, and that Malik had received a retroactive period of over 30 months with the IRS granting approval…ALMOST UNHEARD OF for any US citizen based non profit organization…The question then was “why expedite this particular organizations legitimacy, an organization based in the Middle East and to be run by Barack Obama’s brother, Malik”?

We were also asking why Malik and his associates (now being accused by countries like Egypt and Syria for being involved in terrorist activity and support of terrorists) were allowed to come back and forth into the US unfettered when other US citizens who are not accused (like those in the biker culture) are not allowed to come into the United States.
During that same period we were asking the question – Various news stories began to dribble into the US from the middle east by reputable individuals stating that Malik Obama was using the organization as a front, monies were supporting the terrorists and the US President was protecting Malik and directly involved in, what US citizen’s would consider to be, treasonous acts in collusion with known terrorists and foreign terrorist activity…Few of these stories made it to the public – silenced by BIG MEDIA.
Congressman Boehner must make a determination to hold a hearing before Congress on these new charges…

Dr. Sadek Raouf Ebeid , now working in Arizona, who previously served in the Egyptian air force, has filed an extensive complaint with the United States Congress stating that the US President’s brother, Malik Obama, has been and is directly involved in terrorist activities and that the United States government has been involved in said activities in collusion and support of Malik’s activities. He is asking for an immediate investigation by Congress into his credible accusations.  Here is a translated news report from Egypt on the 10 O’clock news broadcast by El-Qahera wal Nas:

Review the doctors letter to US Congress HERE!

The story originated from

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