America Totally Reliant On China For AntiBiotics


Several months ago I began to notice a shortage of an herb I use called  “Tumeric” which helps to minimize, prevent and even eliminate tumor growth. It is an anti-inflammatory, a natural antiseptic and an antibacterial agent. The herb has shown its power in literally stopping the growth of tumors and IS USED in various cancer treatments for humans and animals. The herb is used in Asian cuisines and has been readily available off the shelf in most stores and supermarkets. 


It has been a lifesaver for me and has also worked for the cure of tumor growths for my animal friends. Living off the grid most of the time, I rely on herbs rather than medical facilities run by the government. Therefore, I took concern that herbs were beginning to diminish in quality, as well.

When I noticed the gradual disappearance of the herb from the shelves I began to investigate and was not surprised to find that China is the exclusive maker and supplier of antibiotics for America. The verifies this report about China. As well, Mary Greeley News released a report via a video.

The only medicinal plant that actually exists in the United States is Myers Squibb pharmaceutical plant in Syracuse,New York.

Most all medicine factories have moved to Asian countries for the benefit of easy access to products needed, better business deals than in the United States and so on. This raises a question: If certain herbs were diminished from citizen availability then they would have to rely on medicines provided by corporations and government – RIGHT?

This puts the citizenry in as much a danger as losing the right to bear arms – as ObamaCare seeks to flourish and the government controls medicines more and more folks will need to revert back to herbal healing techniques…
Question is: How will the government respond to the fact the citizen is self surviving? That is not the plan of the government – they must control and the citizen must be co-dependent.6145940_orig
IT IS TIME TO USE YOUR COMPUTER TO STUDY HERBALISM! For yourself, your family and for your survival!

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