NFL Joins The Race Baiting Establishment

race card

by Hank McGrath

According to, the NFL is considering the approval of a new rule for a 15 yard penalty for using racial slurs during the game. You can read story HERE!
Now, just imagine for a moment…
You are “mighty whitey” running down along the side line with the ball to make a touch down and you are slammed out of bounds by a 300 pound African American opponent player who prevents your touch down!628x471

Now, all the opponent playas who are predominently African American celebrate the defensive move of their fellow playa and slap five screamin viciously “Yeah Nigga, that was a bad ass move,baby!” They all hug and head back to the huddle for the next play…. bilde
BUT, WAIT A MINUTE – The referee – shouldn’t he call the 15 yard penalty for use of racial slurs?!!

Meanwhile, “mighty whitey” gets up off the ground and starts to head across the field to the offensive huddle for the next play and says admiringly with a smile to a cross selection of races in the huddle, “Man, that black bastard kicked my ass, didnt he? We need to come up with a different play to beat ’em!” The team mates (of every race) agreed and then started calling their play…BUT, the ref near the huddle heard the comment, throws the flag and blows the whistle!
15 yard penalty on the offense for using racial slurs…

Establishing a DOUBLE STANDARD never achieves equality. In the REAL WORLD a punch in the face or a wholesome ass wuppin is the best remedy for “offensive” gestures or slurs – IF IT IS OFFENSIVE AT ALL..


Governmental bodies that attempt to dictate an African American’s remark to an Irishman’s remark begets hostility that was not previously present between the two.
As well, If you regulate the remarks of an Italian playa to a Hispanic playa then ya have to regulate the racial remarks of an African American playa to another African American playa referring to each other as “niggas” of any sort – Because the phrase or inference of the phrase or word notes negativity if said by an Irishman who has freckles to a light skinned Hispanic playa who happens to be born in Guyana…

F**kin RIDICULOUS, Isn’t it?!

Pretty soon it will be a 5 yard penalty to tell the quarterback he throws like a girl!
Honestly, I think there should be penalties playas can give referees! “Like 15 yard penalty AWAY from our bent over asses, you fag!
Uh, OH! Now there’s a 15 yard penalty for calling the ref a “fag” which offended the ref more because he, in particular, IS actually “gay” and calling an actual gay person a fag is hurtful EXCEPT if said among themselves to each other….???

Well then, the commissioner of NFL should be penalized for all these damn confusing and unnecessary playa penalties which destroy the very essence of man shit that makes a game so competitive and challenging…
Let’s see, the present commissioner’s ethnic origin is Anglo-Saxon and the Anglo Saxon’s propagated African American slavery, caused cultural genocide-mass murder-unjust imprisonment and oppression upon the Irish…the Anglo Saxon’s attempt to rule throughout history countries which seek their independence from them….hmmmm and the Saxons sign of victory is their arms stickin straight up in the air…surrendering! Now, they are the TRUE WHITES  from the Caucacus Mountains! My, we could go all day with the facts of history regarding folks and what thrives in their blood…


Meanwhile in Washington DC Obama says he is a “mongrel” which is met with giggles and glee and Ted Nuggent has to apologize for calling Obama a “mongrel” which Obama already clarified is true by his own words about himself which only he can say among himself and his associates and no one else can say outside of that privileged bigoted group …blah,blah,blah…

******************************************************************************Hey, did you know the Irish ARE NOT “white” nor are they from the Caucasus Mountains? Yes, it’s true. Read:

Blood of the Irish
Hence, You would be wrong to call someone who is Irish  “White” in Americas. That is offensive (when it is the white races which oppress the Irish!) but because it is also not true…Most European Races are directly tied to the Caucasus Mountains AND have Y Chromosome genetic connections to the African Race, as well… But, NOT THE IRISH…Though in Europe NOW they are not from Europe and did not originate from European stock…but, from Spanish stock and thereabouts…

*50 Interesting Facts Facts About . . .Race and Racism

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