U.S. Senator Proposes Personalized Gun Bill

The Right To Bare Arms

{For Reference visit Truth About Guns}

According to the Associated Press, U.S. Sen. Edward Markey, a democrat from MA., has unveiled a gun control bill he says will help reduce firearm violence by requiring all new guns to be personalized so they can be fired only by their owners or other authorized users.

Here is an example of Ed’s approach to the second amendment:

Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat and a friend of both the Clinton’s and Obama’s, said technology exists to make guns inoperable for unauthorized users. He said the bill would make it more difficult for stolen guns to be used in crimes or against police officers and would reduce accidental firearm deaths by making it impossible for children to fire guns they find.

Markey, who unveiled the bill on Wednesday at a press conference in the Grove Hall neighborhood of Boston, also called on President Barack Obama to include $10 million in his budget proposal for gun violence research.
Last year, U.S. Rep. John Tierney, a Salem Democrat, proposed the same bill claiming it will make guns safer by using new technology.


The bill would require that within two years of enactment all newly manufactured handguns be equipped with the technology, which could involve having the gun read a user’s handprint or fingerprint.

Within three years of enactment, anyone selling a handgun would be required to retrofit it with the technology before the sale could be completed. The cost of retrofitting the guns would be paid from a fund administered by the Department of Justice.

The legislation also would direct the Consumer Product Safety Commission to establish the new safety standards for personalized handguns and require all new guns comply with the standards.
Gun manufacturers would be held liable if they produce guns that don’t meet the safety standard two years after the passage of the bill.

This is where things are headed folks… that is the end to handing down guns to family members, it would be impossible to defend ones self and so on…Citizen apathy is being rewarded with gun control and citizen control! Evidently no one gives a hoot about the n”first shot” events and all these gatherings of citizens opposed…because it is not strong enough to push back the present state of affairs in government!

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