Govt. Monitors In News Rooms? Dictatorship Is Real!


The FCC, under the direction of the Obama Administration, has been planning to initiate a special program which places monitors and government researchers in news rooms across the country under the guise of researching how news is gotten. In a dictatorship, the government controls the media and monitors the media – what is put out to the public and what is not. They want to know if news sources are using a bias when they get and provide the news…meaning do you have different political beliefs which influence the kind of news you provide… The FCC also wants to extend this research to newspapers and reporters and it is believed the purpose is for the government to get all reporters and news sources on the same page, saying the same thing that they prescribe to be the news…like “everyone must think a certain way” objective. Without the independent news, the citizens would not be forewarned of impending violations to their rights, freedoms and liberties!

At present, news sources across the country, like VOP-FreedomMedia, are acting against the proposal and stalling its initiative. Sad thing is – SOCIETY, THE CITIZENSHIP – continues with its apathy and lack of involvement to assist in fighting these constitution destroying initiatives by the government!

Problem with this model is that it threatens the first amendment right to independently speak out and reveal truth’s, as is the objective of news sources.
As well, most government initiatives are presented under the guise of one thing (using the phrase “voluntary”) and end up as a program which influences and controls…The FCC gives news sources a license every 8 years to broadcast news. Now, if that news source is found to provide derogatory news or news which actually reveals the truth the license will be denied or revoked! How is that voluntary?

A number of news sources have already admitted the news they have been providing have been influenced and generated by government sources! Yes, it is true!  In it is explained how many news sources present the government approved talking points with a link that breaks down the story on “Information Operations” – a project used by the military and the government to control media.

Give it some thought – without independent news citizens would not know about the NSA spying, would not be aware of certain moves against their second amendment rights by the government and all the corruption that has been going on…Nor would you know when to make the moves you need to make to defend the country piece by piece…UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE!

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