Does Second Amendment Secure Citizen’s Right To Bear Advanced Weaponry?

Special article by Hammerin Hank McGrath  5998

Let’s face it – This “right to bear arms” argument has no place in the modern day potential of tyranny and foreign oppression if the citizens are not able to manufacture and possess modern day weaponry! During VOP-FreedomRadio show interviews and through mass media research on the citizen’s fight to secure and maintain the powers of the second amendment of the constitution – I NEVER witness anyone arguing for the realistic need for NEW forms of arms…We only hear about old antique rifles and 10 clips and revolvers and such that simply cannot be used in defense against tyranny of ones government nor against any foreign attacks. On that basis, although the citizen’s argument is honorable in defense of the constitution remaining whole and powerful for the citizens protection – it is not realistic or even sensible unless one also argues the second amendment will allow you to manufacture or build and possess a ray gun, an electromagnetic gun, or bullets which not only pierce metal but lock in and explode! In other words, the constitutional amendment must also protect your right to advance your gunnery or it is merely a monumental argument of what once was…ORD_Rail_Gun_BAE_Model_lg

Take for instance, the Navy breaking in the new General Electromatic Atomics Blitzer Railgun .


If your locale is given – you have no defense. You and your family and friends are killed.

Or the new solid-state Laser Weapon System that shoot high energy lasers (you cannot even see the laser coming!) at targets.


Tesla Laser Weapon System (LaWS) (HD)

Okay, okay…all of this does not fit right with your compartmentalized and comfortable way of thinking…even though it is standard policy in military to use such weapons in order to minimize military losses…Let’s go on land and see what the military and alleged oppressors will have to put down the “right to bear arms citizens”


…and lets say you have the Frag-12 Explosive Shotgun Rounds in your arsenal… with your handy dandy Auto Assault (12 AA 12) Combat Shotgun

FRAG-12 Projectile_1

AA12(Auto Assault Shotgun)


Now, if you have one of these…I would not be telling folks!  It is exactly what law enforcement and military WILL USE in “urban warfare”. These weapons are exactly what citizens should be fighting for. They are the only civilized weapon large masses of the citizenry could use to repel initial attacks by foreign troops on the ground or to initially repel tyranny…You have to keep moving though!
Once your location is locked in – POOF! End of citizen uprising.

Now, there will be dozens of folks who simply cannot accept the future or the concepts of the future in relation to their way of thought in defense of the 2nd amendment. There are others who would comment and define what they believe, as ex-military, is the best weapons to use…Of course, few of them will be available to ALL CITIZENS and if only several thousand ex-military and several thousand sheriffs have possession of these weapons or access thereto in each State – That is not enough to defend the citizenry and it would not be a true exercise of the second amendment – UNLESS all citizens have equal access to modernized weapons which may repel foreign aggression and tyranny in the United States.

The legal argument here would be the “natural right” to possess arms to repel invaders, foreign oppression, criminals and a tyrannical government…The natural right to defend themselves and have the proper arms to do so.

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