Utah Lawmaker Threatens To Cut NSA Water Supply Off!


Finally we get some gumption from lawmakers as Utah State Representative, Marc Roberts, introduces a bill seeking to cut the water supply off from the National Security Agencies storage facility in what he considers as an “unconstitutional facility”. The bill “would prevent any state entity or any entity that contracts with the state from providing water and other support to agencies that collect massive amounts of data.”

State Rep. Marc Roberts explains the initiative below.

The State Rep has also proposed bill  HBOO70 which aims to restrict activity by government agencies and law enforcement on forcible entries through THIS AMENDMENT.

A committee in NYS, spearheaded by Hank McGrath of VOP-FreedomMedia, with support from the American Biker Culture Center, Bikers Against Discrimination and other groups, have joined the NULLIFY THE NSA COALITION to propose local resolutions and State amendments in line with greater protections of the citizens 4th amendment rights.
To learn more about the coalition campaign visit: OFFNOW.ORGbanner-250x250

If you would like to join the NYS 4th – Committee To Nullify NSA please send an email to Hank McGrath at vopfreedomradio@yahoo.com or call (518) 844-4894

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