Check Out This “Creepy Uncle Sam” anti-obamacare ad from GenerationOpportunity.Org MAKES SENSE – why would you want the government scrutinizing your healthcare and making your health care decisions for you?

The advertising war over Obamacare just got creepy. Generation Opportunity, a Koch Foundation-funded anti-Obamacare group, plans a $750,000 campaign of “Opt Out” ads aimed at convincing college students to forego the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges. (Included: “brand ambassadors” who will distribute Opt Out beer koozies at college football games.) But if their first two ads are any indication, the group’s strategy appears to be to freak the living daylights out of everybody, student or not, within viewing distance of a television.

In the first ad, “The Exam: Creepy Uncle Sam”—yes, creepy is the organization’s word—a young woman goes to her OB/GYN for an exam only to have her doctor replaced by a terrifying oversized Uncle Sam, who emerges between the woman’s legs over the sound of discordant circus music. “Don’t let government play doctor,” warns the text

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