Why There WILL BE More Immigrant Children In US than American Born Generations

by Hank McGrath

This expose requires 30 minutes of your time to ONCE AND FOR ALL cover several issues which actually are entwined: Immigrants, the Elite, Immigrants & Americans and finally abortion…I will show you how they are determining facts as to the future of America and the life or death factor of human beings in America…So grab your coffee or a cold one and begin paying close attention to what is presented…

Having absolutely NO political affiliations and absolutely NO religious affiliations – No alleged moral pillars to draw from EXCEPT that which naturally occurs the moment I, as a human being, am deciding to kill, maim or murder someone…As I have had often throughout my life of over 50 years…
Is this creature in the womb a living essence, regardless of what stage of development? Is it more justified to agree that since we cannot look the creature in the eyes or equally communicate with the creature (as if our form of communication is more elevated – Like the elite do to the downtrodden)…Then it is permissible to extinguish its life? Review: 0 to 9 Months Journey In The Womb

 I just want to know because there are millions of creatures on earth who are human seeming but have not developed yet by some means of natural or unnatural deformities and therefore, under the same premise as the accepted justifiable reasons for abortion today – may be eliminated from existence, as well…

According to data, the most common reasons women consider abortion are:

  • Birth control (contraceptive) failure. Over half of all women who have an abortion used a contraceptive method during the month they became pregnant.
  • Inability to support or care for a child.
  • To end an unwanted pregnancy.
  • To prevent the birth of a child with birth defects or severe medical problems. Such defects are often unknown until routine second-trimester tests are done.
  • Pregnancy resulting from rape or incest.
  • Physical or mental conditions that endanger the woman’s health if the pregnancy is continued.

There is no sufficient record as to WHY MEN CONSIDER ABORTION nor does there seem to be an ACTUAL men- responsibility for a woman’s pregnancy implied in governmental data determining the decision to eliminate a human-like creature growing in the womb of a woman. But, it is explicit in laws that a man may not kill, maim or murder a human-like creature growing in the womb of a woman…unless approved by a government agency or government approved source…
To do so without government approval is a crime punishable by imprisonment…As well,for a man to attempt to convince or prevent a woman from getting an abortion is also a crime and is actually considered to be immoral!?!

I know first hand, as I served seven years in NYS prisons as a result of attempting to convince a woman pregnant with my child from getting an abortion – she was separated from her husband at the time and as part of the secret agreement between her and her husband for her to return to him so he would medically pay for her teeth work and other amenities was that she abort the child AND set me up for arrest through a rouse to get me into Albany County, NY under the guise I was rescuing her from her aggressive ex-husband. It worked!!! A child was eliminated from life in exchange for new teeth and amenities and the child’s father was imprisoned because he immorally had morals and took responsibility for the growth and actuality of the child. big hand, little hand

I am just trying to get a handle on how the government creates legitimate ways to control the masses under the guise of alleged “rights” which supersede natural human morality and how a majority of those who are immigrants today entering the US – millions of religious Hispanics and Muslims, for instance – do not morally agree with the process of abortion and ,therefore, will have millions of children inhabiting the US in a matter of 15 years while those fourth, third and second generation Americans have succumbed to the political pressure to accept abortion as a cleansing process to eliminate inconvenience, responsibility and generations of Americans…
A must watch for all Americans – Immigration Gumballs

We are also missing pertinent stats as to how many of the elite have abortions comparable to the stats they constantly provide on, for instance, Black Americans…This lack of comparable data is interesting because, folks, THE ELITE ARE ALSO LESS INCLINED TO GET ABORTIONS SO THEY MAY CONTINUE THEIR LINEAGE AS LEADERS OF THE GOVERNMENT! They are also more deserving of privacy than the common citizen and therefore prevent you from knowing their existence logistics! True,true!
Why is there a difference in acceptance of morality in America between the Elite and that which is acceptable for the less fortunate?
While the elite find a moral issue with abortion and do not wholeheartedly approve its practice in their lives – why do they not only approve abortion for the masses and promote ignorance of human morality in order to achieve this influential control over the masses – But, also provide the means by which to initiate and expedite the elimination of human-like creatures growing in a woman’s womb through legalities and agencies that they, themselves, would not participate in?

How is the Elites “choice” a more legitimate, private and protected choice than that of a woman of the mass common populace of America? Is there something greater of purpose those in power wish to prevent the common populace from being aware of?
Is abortion actually an ancient pagan child sacrifice rite instituted by the elite who control the government and that is why men are eliminated from the “CHOICE”? Is a woman’s womb actually a temple of sacrifice? Review these FACTS:

Many have complained about tyranny, corrupt government and so on…not realizing that the determining factor in our future rests with those in power and the only way to influence the future IS FOR US TO OBTAIN POWER and the only way to actually obtain power is to BREED THEM OUT! Breed out government and replace with our own guided and morally molded children! That is the greatest fear of those in goverment and those who influence government…that you, the common smoe, will someday take their power away!

Now you know a little bit more than you did yesterday about the affects of immigration on the US, the reality of abortion in the US and the criminalizing of mans “morals” specifically on issues of life and choices regarding life.
The best informed make the greater choice…


Further reference videos regarding population control…

Abortion and Black Genocide (Barack Obama and the Negro Project)

Islamic view on abortion 2

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