Sheriffs Arrest Illegal Alien Drug Lord On Welfare?

Keep this story in mind when “AMNESTY’ FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS IS CONSIDERED!

How is this possible? How do illegals and others with ill-intent get welfare, food stamps, WIC and so on??? Well, Watch this news bit provided by the investigation team at

Like a friend, Izzy, had  said earlier,” In ‘Obama speak’ if an illegal alien is an ‘undocumented immigrant’ does that make a drug dealer an ‘unlicensed pharmacist’!?”

WHAT DOES THE TOP COP, Eric Holder, SAY about amnesty for these very same illegals?

Holder calls amnesty a “civil right”!

So, while most folks (citizens) are led to believe civil rights only applies to African Americans and no other citizens or groups of citizens have civil rights protections – NOW THEY ARE SAYING CIVIL RIGHTS APPLIES TO “UNDOCUMENTED” ILLEGAL ALIENS?! It is time the citizen wakes up! This is REAL!

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