VOP-FreedomMedia To Host NY Safe Act Radio Show


Vop-FreedomRadio, an online “no boundary” radio podcast and local news source of VOP-FreedomMedia based in Johnstown, NY, will feature a special at 7 pm tonight on the topic of the NYS Safe Act with co-host and Constitutionalist – Mike Willig, special guests Second Amendment Rights Advocate – Erwin Splittgerber, NY Revolution/Warren County Leader – Ejay Stokes and others who will voice their opposition to the act and why it is detrimental to the freedom of law abiding citizen’s. The show will initially feature the audio from “A Shot For Freedom” held at the Pine Tree Rifle Club on January 11, 2014 provided by Fulton County & Beyond and featuring Fulton County Sheriff Thomas Lorey, Assemblyman Marc Butler, Fulton County DE Louise Sira and Paul Catucci… The show, “This Is Why” segment, hosted by Hank McGrath, will remain online as an archive, can be downloaded as an mp3, on iPod or heard LIVE. LISTEN HERE! TONIGHT AT 7PM


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