Government Entitlements – How Politicians Receive Entitlements

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Part One – Government Entitlements

dccc-fundraising-slideWe begin this column with a unique approach and premise – That entitlements designed for the poor and unfortunate are actually based upon human rights and the entitlements created by government officials for government officials empowers the actuality of political corruption.
As an example, In January of 2013, US Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) publicly announced that he will not seek re-election in 2016. In an interview with the Washington Post Harkin went on to state the reason he is retiring is “because Senators spend too much time fundraising to get anything done”…Now, think about that statement and what it reveals. Peek into the keyhole with me and learn what really goes on in the US Senate, House of Representatives and Washington, DC.

In relation to what Senator Harkin revealed, the Huffington Post obtained an actual copy of a PowerPoint slide prepared by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that outlined the “model daily schedule” for incoming freshmen Democrat Senators.
“Call time” on the chart below is when the Senator must call corporations and big money constituents daily for campaign funds.
As you can see from the chart more time is spent on calling big money constituents for campaign donations than on meeting with voters or actually working to make the changes you voted them in for. So, Senator Harkin was right – the system of government is geared towards MONEY MAKING.
He should know as he spent OVER 30 years in Washington, DC making those very calls, living off the dole (on the tax payer’s dime) and getting rich, as well. When he departs in 2016 the tax payers will be paying him up to $250,000 per year as they do for almost all retired Senators. who have served 25 years or more. Imagine? Continuing to get paid for a job you no longer do FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? Andrew G. Biggs, Social Security Analyst for the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C. stated, “Congress does have its own retirement plan which pays a generous pension to retired members of congress plus they are eligible for the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), a 401k-type investment program available to all federal employees “. Senators may retain a pension AFTER 5 years in office. If you were there 30 years or more and are 62 you get the whole damn package of benefits fit for a king – which is why so many Senators have been in there for 30 or more years and look ancient – Because it is really all about MONEY MAKING for oneself and their party while maintaining re-election to that office repeatedly. NOT to do a service for the citizen but to serve themselves and their future. First and foremost, they must obtain their entitlements
{Note: Senators also receive an annual allowance (paid by the taxpayer) to defray the costs for his/her office, staff, travel and other goods and services. As well, they are allowed to retain their private careers thereby earning additional income and they have no limit to what they can earn from corporate dividends, investments or profits.}

Senators believe in “entitlements” as a school of thought. They are entitled to more than any other citizens simply because they are elected and now hold office. The office comes with a powerful perk more important than representing the concerns of the common citizen – when you are a Senator YOU MAKE LAW and policy through legislation – very little of which serves the public or the common citizen. Matter of fact, this entitlement frame of mind government officials adhere to and control as a way to advance and secure their own future is exactly the way corruption is born in government – by greed and by the need to maintain personal power and power as a group of Senators representing various parties – quite like a criminal enterprise or criminal organization or “gang”. What you see is a show, but, what they actually do is real!
There was a barber in DC who owned his own shop in a place he’d had for years. One day he decided to give free haircuts to his customers just to thank them.
The first customer was a local florist. He asked what he owed and the barber said, “Nothing. This is my give back treat. Enjoy your day.”
The florist was impressed, sent the barber some free flowers, and announced to his customers that he would give out free carnations all day. His reasoning? His customers had been faithful ever since he opened his door.
The next was a cop. He too was impressed and sent over free doughnuts to the barbershop and bought doughnuts for all the cops in his precinct. The card read, “Thanks for having my back all these years. Have a good day!”
The 3rd was a congressman. He said nothing.
Later after lunch when the barber returned to his shop, he found a long line of congressmen waiting for the free haircut.

THINK THAT WAS A JOKE?! FACT IS, According to The Weekly Standard, “Senate Hair Care Services has cost taxpayers about $5.25 million over 15 years. They foot the bill of more than $40,000 for the shoeshine attendant last fiscal year. Six barbers took in more than $40,000 each, including nearly $80,000 for the head barber.” You see, the Senator gets the free haircut and the tax payer pays for it. That’s not a joke – It’s an entitlement.
I am telling you, we have been duped by politicians using semantics which have us believe entitlements are food stamps and other forms of government assistance designed for those suffering misfortune or need when, in fact, the real entitlements we should concentrate our attention on is that which creates power…in Washington, D.C.

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Hank McGrath is a seasoned investigative reporter and editor of The Heritage Voice, radio show host on VOP-FreedomRadio and a rights advocate.

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