Shumer Uses Division Strategy Against Tea Party

with Hammerin Hank

According to the Washington Examiner, Senator Chuck Schumer has laid out a strategic plan to stop the Tea Party, as heard here:
Schumer essentially implied that the weakness of the Tea Party is in the fact the membership and the leadership have two different ideals and that the tea party membership actually want many of the government programs like medicaid/medicare, school funding and so on of which the “rich” leadership of the tea party attack under the guise of wanting smaller government. IN PART, HE IS RIGHT!

In 2009, I was part of a team with Wade Abbott, Al Roney, and others, who met on the grounds of the State University to develop and organize New York State’s first Tea Party in Albany, NY.  I was ahead of security for the April planned event at Albany’s Riverfront and also covered the event with VOP-FreedomMedia’s Voices of the People tv show and Harold Bryant was covering for the news…VIEW VOP PICTURES OF THE EVENT HERE:

During the weeks that followed and as all the Tea Party’s occurred across the United States, I began to recognize a new development in the campaign – What started as a grass roots citizens group across the country that would NOT BE lead by corporate power brokers and politicians but by citizens themselves (at events the tea party would relish the fact big politicians were not allowed to speak at the podium)…ALL OF THAT SUDDENLY CHANGED! The Tea Party began to naturally develop into a political party like the democrats and republicans and there became a suspicion that certain folks were leading the party in that direction – abandoning the actual “citizen power” aspect that originated from the movement.
Of course, each party shares guilt in its failed policies and each party shares some degree of achievement for the citizenry…If the Tea Party seeks to be a political party in America and share in the ups and downs of failed or achieved policies rather than a power base for just the VOICES OF THE PEOPLE  – well, then that is its development. This also means some of what Schumer has said about the party is true. The Tea Party has taken shape to be exactly the same political party design as the two parties presently enjoying governmental control today. Only alleged difference is the ideology. Like with the democrat party, the citizens believe they have a voice and are represented, so it is with the tea party today.
At that point of development, I and a number of other rights advocates and citizen activists departed from the scene…until the next strategic development that will empower the citizens.

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