Michelle Obama Uses Cadre Theory

When I was a lad, the United States was in revolutionary growth for rights and equality standards…I was a young revolutionary, myself, and in retrospect, having met and received direction from some of the most radical groups in U.S. history today, I grew from the very same unorthodox and un-american informal/formal education as has Barack Hussein Obama. I was also involved in the struggle for freedom of countries like Puerto Rico (now a territory) and Northern Ireland ( still struggling for freedom)…
One of my basic lessons in revolutionary activity was the essential tool used in Marxism and Leninism and is used today worldwide by governments seeking to control their citizen’s freedom of choice and self determination – That tool is called “The Cadre Theory“.

Recently, Michelle Obama released a public message to “Obama’s Grassroots Army” in order to activate and solidify the cadre theory. WATCH HOW IT ALL WORKS:

Seems subtle and nice enough…to just suddenly release a message to the masses…to the “army” of people ready to sacrifice for their leader…but, what is the underlining psychological message by the “cadre spokesperson”?
The message is: We are the leaders, continue to follow the leaders and you and ONLY you will be rewarded. We are here to stay – our initiatives require your continued support without question.

It is basic “community leader 101″…subtle, psychologically driven…

To learn how easy it is to be a community leader and start your own political party where you can use the cadre theory to control the masses VISIT HERE: How to RUN AND REPRESENT A PARTY

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