Criminalizing Dissent – U.S. Govt. Pursues Filmmaker


According to The Blaze, Conservative filmmaker, Dinesh D’Souza, whose anti-Obama documentary “2016: Obama’s America” was the second highest grossing political documentary in history, has been indicted by the federal government as a result of an FBI investigation.
He is accused of directing others to donate to a political campaign (namely, Republican Wendy Long, who lost a 2012 Senate bid against NY Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand) of which he would allegedly reimburse.
According to Fox News, “The indictment states the 52-year-old best-selling author and activist will be charged with one count of illegally donating to a Senate campaign and one count of causing false statements to be made to authorities in connection with the contributions.”
The filmmaker is due in federal court today and an update will be forthcoming.

Meanwhile, Senator Chuck Schumer called for the IRS to crackdown on Tea Party funding during his speech on Thursday at the Center For American Progress, claiming the Tea Party has an unfair advantage in funding after the 2010 Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizen;s United case. SO, IF YOU DO NOT THINK INTERNAL GOVERNMENT IS SELF CONTROLLED BY WHICH THEY DIRECT INVESTIGATIONS TO MEET THEIR OWN INTERESTS – Then you are out of tune in today’s reality of government in the United States. Here he is, IN PUBLIC, directing the IRS to attack opponents and dissidents.

Some content of “Obama’s America”

I, particularly take interest in this story because I had met the filmmaker,Dinesh, had challenged (IN PUBLIC) the temporary appointment of Caroline Kennedy and then Kirsten Gillibrand who were to replace Hillary Clinton’s abandoned post
{ I submitted an application and letter applying for the temp appointment as Senator to the NYS Governor’s office and requested the Governor appoint a “common Joe” instead of a “silver spoon”}… and SUDDENLY began to be blacklisted from reporter work and media opportunities thereafter…Even though every single news source in the capital district and State we aware by press release that I sought consideration – There was no coverage! Just a black out!
Then good ole Chuck Schumer appears with his chosen “junior”, Kirsten Gillibrand…as the new temporary appointed NYS Senator.
During the same period, I received a sudden phone call that I would be relieved of my job…which came from higher-ups in the media sector.

So, yes, one will be pursued if one opposes government!

NOTE: Hank McGrath is a seasoned investigative reporter and, YES, officially requested in a letter and official application w/bio to Governor Patterson during the latter part of 2008, to be considered for appointment to the vacant Senate seat once occupied by Hillary Clinton. The media coverage was minimal except for in newspapers like The Leader Herald in Gloversville, NY (A LETTER TO EDITOR OF WHICH CAN BE VIEWED HERE FROM 2008/2009 TO VERIFY WHERE I HUMBLY CONCEDED TO GILLIBRAND’S  APPOINTMENT!).  It should go down as NYS history that I, A CITIZEN, officially applied to the NYS Governor to be considered for the Hillary Clinton vacated NYS Senate Seat appointment. The application and materials were sent certified and were veritably received…Yet, no response and no courtesy to acknowledge…Just a complete BLACKLISTING of all my activity and a loss of my employment as a local reporter in the capital district. FACTS ARE FACTS FOLKS!

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