Electric/Hybrid Vehicles DO NOT Reduce Emissions New Study Says


According to a new study released January 15th, 2014 by the Environmental Science and Technology Journal , electric vehicles and hybrid vehicle will not reduce harmful emissions in the atmosphere.
More specifically, they concluded that the widespread adoption of low or no emission vehicles would not drastically reduce pollution or the release of harmful gasses in the United States.

According to DownTrend.com, the study built a model on a 40% adoption rate of electric vehicles. Though this is an overly optimistic estimation, researchers discovered no noticeable difference in “harmful” emissions. Also, they concluded there would be no change in the emission of carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides if there were to be a 0% adoption rate.

The study also pointed out that any benefits from driving a hybrid or electric car are nullified because of all the “dirty” energy needed to fuel them. There is also the downside of the energy needed to create the batteries, as well as the toxicity of their disposal.

In other studies involving  the electric vehicle, it has the disadvantage of causing increased incidents of pedestrian accidents because the car is not heard and the vehicle requires hours of charging with only a 25 mile radius per charge in most vehicles. As well, the battery is extremely expensive as is the cost of the vehicle. 

In other studies involving the hybrid vehicle, the hybrid has a 20% increase in pedestrian accidents when in electric mode, during production hybrids cause more CO2 emissions than in the production of regular vehicles, the battery packs will end up filling landfills and ,in many cases, will generate 10% MORE greenhouse gases when charging because a large portion of electricity is generated through coal powered plants!


According to the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety, the small eco-friendly vehicles CANNOT PASS the frontal crash tests! That is after testing the 2013 and 2014 vehicles on the market. Therefore, you are more likely to lose your life or limb or a loved one if you were in a crash faster than 40 miles per hour in one of these vehicles. That is dramatic news! 2013-honda-fit--iihs-small-overlap-front-crash-test_100453956_l

JUST IMAGINE BEING IN THIS VEHICLE DURING THE INITIAL IMPACT AND CRASH! Yet, they are being sold massively on the market today as great for the environment and so on…
It is the writers view that these vehicles were released too soon under the false guise of eco-friendly and the result has been to extremely endanger both pedestrians and the driver-passenger.

Cannot wait to see what happens when folks start fighting over electric charge stations!

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