Supreme Court Rules No New Trial For Hells Angels MC

M~ prv0709N hellsangels 01

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club won what seems to be a final ruling by Canada’s Highest court: No further proceedings and no new trial for over 32 members and supporters! This ruling was based upon the prosecutions lengthy delays in proceeding which violated the alleged defendants rights.  The case stems from a police sweep called SharQc  with over 150 arrested in 2009.

A statement released by The American Biker Culture Center in Ilion, NY, declares Tuesday’s ruling as “an example of punitive action taken by the court against the prosecution to warn authorities that harassing legitimate clubs by means of profiling, falsely charging and orchestrating the creation of crimes against motorcycle clubs IS unethical, improper and a waste to the costs of the justice system”.


Henry McGrath, director of the Culture Center and of B.A.D.{Bikers Against Discrimination} went on to say: “Discrimination against the biker culture has been spearheaded by the authorities in the U.S. and abroad for many years through use of negative propaganda campaigns, particularly against the Hells Angels MC and other 1%er clubs, because the motorcycle clubs are independent of government dictation and, as a culture, live within their own means by virtue of the spirit for freedom and liberty – Quite like what is being experienced today by other citizen groups made up of veterans and constitutionalists who seek to minimize government control over their lives in America. Per se, this is not a victory – it is a biding of time while the governments continue to develop new strategies to attack those who are not of their ilk.”

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