The Strange Death of Loretta Fuddy – Any Clues?

Loretta Fuddy was the Director of Hawaii’s Health Department who allegedly certified Obama’s birth records.
She allegedly died from a cardiac arrest during a plane crash you are about to see provided as a ABC News Exclusive in which she and all the passengers are very calm, no problems, she is even seen on the tape smiling and ok after the crash…and,according to sources close to Fuddy, she was in the best of health, lived with stress all the time as the Director of Health for the State and had absolutely no health problems with her heart.

WATCH THE CRASH HERE…You will see Fuddy smiling in the water…calm as can be…

Dr. Grace Vuoto, an investigative reporter on, reveals her findings – to date – on the matter of Loretta Fuddy’s death.

Keep in mind, with the loss of Obama’s grandmother in Hawaii last year and the death of Lorretta Fuddy in this calm plane crash – NOW ELIMINATES ALL WITNESSES IN U.S. REGARDING THE LEGITIMACY OF OBAMA’S BIRTH…Talk about misplaced irony!


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