D.U.P.A.-Documenting Police Aggression – Pt.#1

by Hank McGrath

In 2013, I developed a seminar for the public called “D.U.P.A.” or Documenting Police Aggression.. This seminar was first sponsored by FreedomAction League of NY, Dino Petrocelli Photography in Colonie,NY , Steve’s Custom Jewelry & Repair in Ilion, NY, Hold Our Own Destiny MC and the American Biker Culture Center – with the help of magazine editor and local author Lisa Petrocelli, Harold Bryant of PopsMediaPro.com and Ben Rabin of The Rabin Law Firm.

As well, VOP-FreedomMedia provided a special on Spirit of Bikers Radio which depicted the same D.U.P.A.  instructional information for the public.

In cooperation with Flex Your Rights we share the following videos to educate the public in order to be better prepared.

10 Rules for Dealing with Police (Full-Length)

Ex-FBI Agent Reveals What to Do If The Police Get in Your Face

Valuable information provided here by Infowars.com regarding the frame of mind of police and their various practices which may cause serious violations to your human, civil and constitutional rights.
Relax and pay attention…you will only have to do this once!

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