According to reports from the Electronic Frontier Foundation the US Customs & Border Patrol has loaned their PREDATOR DRONES over 700 times for outside government and law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, ICE, US Marshalls and numerous State law enforcement agencies throughout the United States – Contrary to a previous public report from the US Department of Justice that stated the drones were ONLY loaned out TWICE!???!!Dec. 17 airpower summary: Reapers touch enemy forces

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which fights for rights in the digital world, filed a suit in 2012 demanding answers to FOIA requests and received a disclosure of daily flight log records which revealed the (hidden from the public) drone activity.

Last month it was announced that the Griffiss International Airport in Rome, NY, would be licensed by FAA as a “Drone Testing Site” – under the guise of commercial research and the creation of 470 new jobs in the area. Congress passed legislation in 2012 authorizing and instructing the FAA to create a safe integration of drones into domestic airspace by 2015 with plans to have over 30,000 drones in airspace by 2030.

The ACLU has released a recommendation for government use of Drones in their downloadable pdf report: Protecting Privacy From Aerial Surveillance. Their stance is that such surveillance and drone equipment use by law enforcement would certainly create a violation of privacy rights for citizens and to elevate equipment that is armed with lethal ammunition and/or non lethal ammunition to combat citizens would be an atrocity to our rights to life and liberty….drone_nation

Recently, the Electronic Frontier Foundation teamed up with to create the :Motherboard – MuckRock Drone Census
The project will create an accounting of all drones used by all agencies and corporations public/private through FOIA requests and information. WOULD YOU LIKE TO PARTICIPATE AND ASSIST? Contact the Motherboard above.


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